What we do

We are contributing to success of our clients by revealing right answers to difficult questions.

We have respect for reality but are always ready to disrupt.

We put a bit of science in everything we do.

We create great value from seemingly nothing.

We base our analysis on pure facts.


functional specializations


Data is ubiquitous. Information and knowledge is not. That’s why we put things together, connect the dots, analyze the links to unleash all the relevant information and actionable insights.


Businesses get more IT driven than ever before. But technology is never our final destination. It is always a tool and we do use it wisely in ways that truly support your business.


We enjoy the underlying analysis of strategic planning, but what we love the most is the synthesis of strategic thinking. It is embedded in everything we do for our clients.


It is always exciting to combine strategic approach and behavioural insights gained from the business data. Turn them into products. And put the products at service of customers.


industrial specializations

Banking & Finance

We apply new technologies in banking operations and new product development. We assess impact of emerging technologies on the industry, distribution models and business alliances. Our particular strengths lie in payments and direct distribution, both supported by big data driven behavioral economics.

Intelligent Transport

We help to optimize existing transportation solutions and find entirely new ways how to enhance travel experience, efficiently collect fees for use of infrastructure or transportation services. Our focus is in payment system design, operations optimization and revenue enhancements based on data analytics.

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